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03:28, July 1, 2020 Boris and George.jpg (file) 208 KB EGobi Scene from the life of Saint Boris of Rostov when Saint George, his most beloved warrior, sacrificed himself to save Boris from the boyar mercenaries. 1
21:51, June 28, 2020 Bukolus of Smyrna.jpg (file) 63 KB EGobi Icon of St Bukolus of Smyrna in the church consecrated to him in Smyrna, where he was buried in 105. 1
21:09, June 28, 2020 Church of St Bucolus.jpg (file) 584 KB EGobi This is the church where St Bucolus of Smyrna (2nd century) was buried. This photograph was taken by Google Maps user [ Dr. Vahit Tane]. 1
20:22, June 28, 2020 Chapel of Saint Bucolus.jpg (file) 363 KB EGobi Miraculous Chapel of Saint Bucolus in Maurommatiou, Thessaly. 1
20:45, June 23, 2020 Chapel of Saint Aureus.jpg (file) 280 KB EGobi   1
20:04, June 23, 2020 Aureus von Mainz2.jpg (file) 80 KB EGobi using relief instead of statue 2
03:18, June 22, 2020 Great Lavra Katholikon.jpg (file) 143 KB EGobi Millennial katholikon of the Great Lavra of St Athanasius in Mount Athos. This photograph was taken by English Wikipedia user Dimboukas. 1
20:21, June 21, 2020 Panagia Economissa.jpg (file) 211 KB EGobi Holy icon of the Mother of God called Οικονομισσα, that is, Stewardess. It's commemorated by the Church during the Feast of St Atanasius the Athonite, and located before his tomb in the Great Lavra of Mount Athos. Disclaimer: This image cam... 1
19:30, June 18, 2020 Ioanichie Balan.jpg (file) 184 KB Sîmbotin   1
00:08, June 18, 2020 Athanasios-the-Athonite.jpg (file) 190 KB EGobi image resolution updated in Wikimedia Commons; bringing it here 2
20:02, June 17, 2020 Priest Alexis Toth.jpg (file) 153 KB EGobi higher resolution 2
18:41, June 17, 2020 Dormition Sobor.jpg (file) 215 KB EGobi Cathedral of the Dormition in Kiev Caves Lavra. This photograph was taken by Wikimedia Commons user Haidamac. 1
18:25, June 17, 2020 Eletskiy Monastery.jpg (file) 213 KB EGobi Dormition Eletskiy Monastery. This protograph was taken by Wikimedia Commons user Nomad0212. 1
18:01, June 17, 2020 Kiev Caves Lavra.jpg (file) 264 KB EGobi Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Complex. This photograph was taken by Wikimedia Commons user Fotofillin. 1
05:00, June 17, 2020 St Spyridon church from South.jpg (file) 105 KB Sîmbotin Cropped image 2
19:03, June 15, 2020 Iustin Parvu de la Petru Voda.JPG (file) 58 KB Sîmbotin Părintele Iustin Pârvu în chilia sa de la Mănăstirea Petru Vodă (februarie 2008) 1
03:03, June 13, 2020 Saint Anthony and the Desert Tribes.jpg (file) 154 KB EGobi Scene from St. Anthony's life when he encountered a Satyr and a Centaur on the desert. Written in the walls of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi. 1
02:46, June 13, 2020 Monastery of Saint Anthony.jpg (file) 227 KB EGobi Entrance of the Monastery of St. Anthony in Suez. The spiritual decline of the monastery built by Saint Anthony the Great in late antiquity led to its schism after the Fourth Ecumenical Council. This photograph was taken by Italian Wikipedia user [[it:... 1
21:51, June 11, 2020 Theban Necropolis.jpg (file) 364 KB EGobi zooming in 2
23:17, June 9, 2020 Andrew of Crete and the Canon.jpg (file) 373 KB EGobi Icon of Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete, writing his Great Canon of Repentance. 1
02:34, June 5, 2020 Epenetus.jpg (file) 67 KB EGobi Russian icon of Apostle Epenetus of the Seventy, Bishop of Carthage. 1
02:26, June 5, 2020 Andronicus Athanasius and Junias.jpg (file) 58 KB EGobi Icon depicting Apostle Andronicus of the Seventy with Saint Junias. The saint in the middle is Saint Athanasius, Bishop of Christoupolis. 1
22:19, June 4, 2020 Prison of Saints Paul and Silas (Macedonia).png (file) 839 KB EGobi Ruins of the prison which collapsed after the earthquake mentioned in Acts 16. It's located [//,24.2814722,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x14aeaf0641066679:0xd39426f2f9732232!8m2!3d41.0132748!... 1
14:26, May 30, 2020 Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery Church Wall.jpg (file) 164 KB Sîmbotin Wall and mosaic on top of the door of the church at Three Holy Hierarchs Monaster, Iași, Romania 1
19:26, May 29, 2020 Church of Saint Agatha la Vetere.jpg (file) 67 KB EGobi The Cathedral of Saint Agatha in Sicily was built over the Catanian praetorium right after her martyrdom, in the 3rd century. 1
18:41, May 28, 2020 Agabus.jpg (file) 93 KB EGobi Icon of Apostle Agabus of the Seventy written in the walls of a church. See source for higher resolution. 1
03:07, May 27, 2020 Bridge of the Hundred Thousand.jpg (file) 263 KB EGobi It was in this bridge that, in 1226, one hundred thousand Georgian Christians were martyred by the Islam. 1
02:51, May 27, 2020 100 mil mártires de Tbilisi.JPG (file) 665 KB EGobi   2
19:01, May 22, 2020 Severian of Sebaste.jpg (file) 309 KB EGobi Martyr Severian of Sebaste depicted in the Menologion of Basil II. 1
23:27, May 21, 2020 Xeropotamou Monastery.jpg (file) 378 KB EGobi Aerial photograph of the millenary Xeropotamou Monastery and its fortresses, one of the twenty monasteries in Mount Athos. Photograph taken by Wikimedia Commons user Fingalo. 1
19:50, May 20, 2020 Saint Clement of Ohrid.jpg (file) 93 KB Sîmbotin Saint Clement of Ohrid, icon, 13th-14th century. 1
01:54, May 19, 2020 Trophimus and Theophilus.jpg (file) 73 KB EGobi Martyrs Trophimus and Theophilus of Lycia. In this image, they are accompanied by two other unnamed saints martyred with them in Lycia. 1
00:57, May 17, 2020 Silvan Crescens Silas.jpg (file) 78 KB EGobi Icon depicting the holy Apostles Silvan, Crescens and Silas. Written in the walls of Kalamiou Monastery. 1
22:30, May 15, 2020 Cathedral of Saint Titus.jpg (file) 181 KB EGobi Agios Titos in Heraklion, Crete. Built in 961, the cathedral was turned into a Latin basilica after the Fourth Crusade and then a Mosque. It was finally turned back into a Greek Orthodox church in 1925, when the Turks left Crete. Photograph taken by Wi... 1
22:06, May 15, 2020 Titus 1966.jpg (file) 235 KB EGobi Translation of the sacred relics of the Holy Apostle Titus of Crete, from Venice (which had taken the relics in 1669), back to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Crete (1966). Icon written by Demetrius Saridakis (1912–1977). Copyrights were not claime... 1
16:15, May 15, 2020 Apostle Titus.jpg (file) 137 KB EGobi Holy Apostle Titus by the hands of Demetrius Saridakis (1912–1977). Copyrights were not claimed. 1
04:51, May 14, 2020 IPS Pimen.jpg (file) 19 KB Sîmbotin Română: IPS Pimen Zainea, Arhiepiscopul Sucevei și Rădăuților 1
00:51, May 14, 2020 Aglaida of Rome.jpg (file) 1.03 MB EGobi Astonishing icon of St Aglaida of Rome (master of St Boniface of Tarsus) written in 2019 by the iconographer George Michael. Copyrights weren't claimed. 1
20:20, May 13, 2020 Church of St Glyceria.jpg (file) 387 KB EGobi Every year, the Feast of St Glyceria (May 13) is held in Galatsi, Athens. She is the patroness of the city, and its main church (seen in the photograph) is dedicated to her. This photograph was taken by Google Maps user Diversity GR, who did not claim... 1
04:06, May 12, 2020 Germanus I of Constantinople.jpg (file) 621 KB Sîmbotin Patriarch Germanus I of Constantinople 1
03:44, May 12, 2020 Bravades de Saint Tropez.jpg (file) 211 KB EGobi This is a photograph of the annual commemoration of St Torpes of Pisa, who was martyred under Nero, held annually in Saint-Torpez. The photograph was taken by Wikimedia Commons user Blaue Max. 1
03:54, May 9, 2020 Simon the Apostle.jpeg (file) 248 KB EGobi Better-conserved icon. 2
03:12, May 9, 2020 St Simon Cave.jpg (file) 281 KB EGobi This is the cave where the holy Apostle Simon took shelter when he preached in Abkhazia, Georgia. This photograph was taken by Wikimedia Commons user SKas. 1
21:03, May 5, 2020 George Strasbourg.jpg (file) 148 KB EGobi Saint George in the iconostasis of the Church of St George in Strasbourg. 1
20:46, May 5, 2020 George and Glykerios.jpg (file) 307 KB EGobi Extract from a rare icon of the life of St George. The scene depicts George healing Glykerios' ox. 1
20:23, May 5, 2020 George, Gerontios and Polychronia.jpg (file) 179 KB EGobi Saint George the Trophy-bearer and his parents, Saints Gerontios and Polychronia. 1
19:28, May 5, 2020 Alexandra of Rome.jpg (file) 123 KB EGobi Saint Alexandra, Empress of Rome, who was martyred by her spouse, Diocletian, in 303. Painted by Nikolai Bodarevsky in the 19th century. 1
19:24, May 5, 2020 George on the Wheel.jpg (file) 194 KB EGobi Painting (?) of St George the Trophy-bearer being tortured on the wheel, in Trikala, Thessaly. It is possible to see Diocletian and St Alexandra the Empress upon the tower. 1
04:28, May 5, 2020 Church of St George in Constantinople.jpg (file) 47 KB EGobi This is a fair-use photograph of the Church of St George of Kyparission in Constantinople. Its consecration has been added to the Church calendar during the Middle Ages. 1
05:03, May 4, 2020 Pelagia of Tarsus.jpg (file) 195 KB Sîmbotin Miniature from the "Menologion" of Basil II (985 AC) 1
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