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A feature of MediaWiki allows the Special:Upload Page to streamline licensing of images. Wikipedia's Upload Page has a Licensing drop down box below image summary. This feature is turned off in default MediaWiki. To turn this feature on a sysop needs to edit Licenses in the Mediawiki namespace. Example: MediaWiki:Licenses

Licenses expects a certain format in a wiki list.

*subst:license 1|license 2|License text
* Header 1:
** cc-by-sa-2.5|Attribution ShareAlike 2.5

Line 1 will produce "License text" and substitute the license 1 template in the image page and transclude license 2.
Line 2 will show a greyed out header with text "Header 1:"
Line 3 will produce "Attribution ShareAlike 2.5" and transclude template cc-by-sa-2.5 on the image page.

For detailed real world example, see


  • Unknown|I don't know exactly
  • Free licenses:
    • PD|PD: public domain
    • CC-by-sa-2.5|Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5
    • GFDL|GFDL: GNU Free Documentation License
    • GPL|GPL: GNU General Public License
    • LGPL|LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License
  • Non-free license (exception):
    • CopyrightByWikimedia|Wikimedia images

See also mw:MediaWiki:Licenses


The goal here too is to simplify copyright issues on the various wikis by moving everything into this common repository. Licensing can be watched over more carefully, and images can be searched as a whole.

How does this system work for multiple languages?