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All your images are belong to us!
This is a transfer log for images from various sources on the web that might be suitable for import into OrthodoxWiki.

Please see Project:Photo galleries for the context of this page, and important notes about method.

Please keep this list up-to-date, crossing off an image or category when you upload it.

Images from Wikimedia Commons

It's our aim to knock these out first.

Already processed:

Recommended for Transfer:

Images from Flickr

All of these should include as much author information as possible, as well as a link to the original on Flickr. They should also include the {{flickr}} template and an appropriate license template. Please also place them in a suitable category, or else [[Category:Uncategorized Images]].

Many of these notes are for future referene - these images don't necessarily need to be imported right away! (But, especially if you can use one for an article, go right ahead!)

May I suggest an interesting tool I just found about - you can use it to automatically transfer files from Flickr - . GabrielH 06:54, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

Other Sources

Please see Project:Photo galleries for context!

From the Beinecke Library, Yale

This source has been pretty thoroughly examined, and these are the relevant images found. Template:Beinecke needs to be updated. These images can be put in Category:Historical Archives and Category:Churches in Alaska (or something like that).

From Christian Theological Seminary's Image Library

This source has been pretty thoroughly examined, and these are the relevant images found. needs to be updated.

From the Library of Congress


What about images from University of Michigan ? The copyright is Public Domain [1]. GabrielH 12:50, 8 May 2008 (UTC)