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Welcome. The '''OrthodoxWiki Commons ''' provides a common space for images and other files from the various OrthodoxWiki localizations.Images and their descriptions, as well as [[osource:Main_Page|OrthodoxSource]]talk pages and history have all been pulled over from OrthodoxWiki.
===Some Pages===* [[Project:Photo galleries]]* [[Project:Images and their descriptions, talk pages and history have all been pulled over from OrthodoxWiki.for Import]]* [[Project:Licenses]]* [[The Eight Tones]] - A sample page
===This site is just getting started. There's lots to do<center><small>RELATED SITES: [[ometa:Main Page|Meta]] | [[osource:Main Page|OrthodoxSource]] | [http:===# Introductory text// OrthodoxSearch]# Category structure - import from <br />ORTHODOXWIKI: [[:ar:الصفحة الرئيسية|Arabic/العربية]] | [[:bg:Начална страница|Bulgarian/Български]] | [[:el:Αρχική σελίδα|Greek/Ελληνικά]] | [[:en:Main_Page|English]] | [[:fr:Accueil|French/Français]] | [[:mk:Главна_страница|Macedonian/Македонски]] | [[:ro:Pagina principală|Romanian/Română]] | [[:ru:Заглавная страница|Russian/Русский]] | [[:sr:Главна страна|Serbian/Српски/Srpski]] | [[:es:Portada|Spanish/Español]]<br>Interested in starting an OrthodoxWiki in your language? See: '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Localization]]'''.# Add images from other localizations# Import OWiki templates# etc.</small></center>
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